Monday, June 7, 2010

Speaking for Themselves

So instead of listening to me in this post, I want you to listen to some of the kids here that need the most help. These are essas from the poorest cildren at the school written to me asking for help to pay their school fees. Hopefully this moves you to donate.

Kennedy Lemayian- class 8
To Madame Aliya
My name is Kennedy Lemayian. I live in Narok in a place called Protian. It’s a forest.
My mom can not be able to cater for all the things I need. I have a brother staying in Nairobi. His name is Keith and he’s now in form 3 in a school called Upper Hill.
Their schools fees is so high that my mom can’t be able to pay all our debts. My dad died before I was born because of a certain disease.
I please ask you to help my family to pay my debts so as to reduce the costs of living to my mom.
Please help us. Thank you.

Mordecai Kiprotich- Class 5
My name is Mordecai Kiprotich and I am ten years old my home is in rift valley province and my school is also in rift valley.
I want to explain what a family is. A family is a group of people who are related together. The head of the family is father and when father is not there the head of the family shall not be here.
My family’s name is called Kirui Family and I and my family we are 6 in number. I have 5 sisters and one brother in total we add up to six.
I love my family so much and I also thank God because of helping my parent and my family to stay alive. My mother is a widow. A widow is a woman who doesn’t have a husband. So I thank God for helping my mother to pay for me school fees and bringing me to school.
I have my older sister and older brother. My older brother is still in secondary form 4 and my older sister has got married. I also have last born a girl who is in standard three who is following me and I am second last born.
My school is Bishop Colin Davis Academy in mulot division. Where I use to learn and enjoy myself by playing and reading storybooks. In this school where I am I also have a sister called Doreen Chepkirui.
My mother usually being help by my other relatives like uncle, aunt, and even the brother to my father who lives in Bomet where my father was working in.
I and my family usually go to church known as SD a where many people love because there are people who are having faithful and they believe that God is there. So I pray for my family to do good.

Doreen Chepkini-Class 8
My name is Doreen Chepkini Kinui. I am 13 years old of age. I am in class 8 in /bishop Colin Davis Academy School. My mother’s name is Emily while my late father’s name is Richard Kinui.
We are 6 children in my family. My elder sister is married followed by other 4 girls in school including me. I have 2 brothers one in secondary and the other one is in primary school. In total children in secondary are 3 while the ones in primary are 3 including me.
My mother’s career is business woman and other small jobs. My father was also in the same business before he passed away about nine years back. Ever since that day we have not been living a quite without our father. My mum have been struggling hard so as to pay our school fees despite the fact of many challenges. But anyway God has been on our side, also throughout our lives. Through determination and hardwork we have been able to make our devoted mother happy of us.

Shelia Chebet- class 8

I am called Shelia Chebet. I am a girl from B.C.D.A in standard eight. My parent’s names are Magret Kenduiywo and my late father David Kendaiywo. In my family we are five. It consists of three girls including me with two boys.
My mother is a teacher and my father was a police officer who died four years ago of throat cancer. In our family, we are very happy of my hardworking mother who has devoted herself really for the payment of our fees and as a result actually I can say she is capable.

Gilbert Towett Form 1
Dear sir/madam
I am a boy of 15 years old. I was born in the family of seven children in Kenya Narock district at Kilisu village. In our family we went to school at very late age because of poverty and having nothing hands our living standard. We had nothing to eat at some time we spend night without eating anything or sometime a very difficult job to get something to pay food.
I went to school when I was seven years old for lack of school fees. This all happen because my mother was chased away by my father, who was very drinker. My mother was also health problems and she spent all she got to pay hospital pills and for school.
I joined school because of one of a good hearted man who was living neighbor to us. I thank God for that. The man was paying my school fees primary before the government free the pupil school so that no one will be paying pupil school. I was at class one by then. I was very old at all class pupils and knowing nothing at all. I promise myself that I will do my best to come up with my fellow pupils. Therefore I worked very hard and come up with my fellow when I was at class three I became a position one. I kept on working very hard in other classes although I was facing many problems at my background.
I done the final examination in the year 2008 where I succedded by exam. I lacked the school fees to join form one. There was nobody to pay for me. This all could not give me to lose hope for anything. Instead I keep on believing in god that one day he will provide me.
I used to believe in God that I will become a doctor and there will be no longer any problem. I will live to hands my life and to help my siblings and other people in need.
I decided to repeat some class in the year 2009 at the same pupil school. Although I had several problems. After that year I passed again the examination but the problem was still the same.
In good will one of the priests of our church decided to help me to join one of their secondary schools form one this year.
Further more I would like to ask for help to pay my school fees for I to continue with my studies. My wish is to study up to higher learning and education. For I to help the needy and my world.
I promise that I will work hard all the time to succed in my studies. I will become a disciplined boy I will seek good convention in my life.
I hope to hear from you. May god bless you forever.
Yours faithfully
Gilbert Towett.

Mary Nchoe Form 1
I am a girl of age 14 years old. I have four brothers and five sisters who are older than I. both of the are the parents now. I am the only one at home who is in school.
My parent is a single family. My mother is alive and she has become very old that is not able to do any business. In 2000 I dropped out of school because of a lack of school fees and my parents were not able to look even after us because my mother was involved in drinking the wine and abuse the drugs.
We hardly had enough to eat and even to put on. One of my sister was looking after me and helped with some food, clothing and even paying school fees. Although it was for a short time.
My mother sometimes went for about four months and she didn’t left us something to eat.
So I decide to go for help and some people who belong to the church came home and brought for us the food and clothes.
When I was standard eight my sister was paying for me school fees and promised me that she will pay for me up to university but that was for a short period.
Our family was given many uncounted names and later god gave them strength.
Last year when I was in class eight we go for help there was an organization which was coming to help the orphans and disable people and our names were written down but it has fail to help. When I complete my primary education and KCPE I stayed at home almost five months at home but one thing I had was faith and prayed every day until god opened the way. I went to the Mennonite church and inform the people to help me to continue with my education.
Some of them help and other changed their mind. Surely they have helped me a lot. The Mennonite church Christian had buy for me those items but thank god those people helped me.
I came to school very late because of lack of school fees and the money that were needed to buy personal items. My sister and brothers have wealth but they fail to pay for school fees.
We are living in a house which we usually pay house rent and we don’t have some money even some times the owner chased us way during th night and there was no one to help. This year I joined the secondary school because of God’s favor. I came to school when I don’t have some personal item like a towel but later my mother brought to me. I was very happy to join bishop colin davies school I was about to loose hope and many people have gone to school I was the only one left at home. My life has changed since I joined this school. I will do my best if I only get any assistance that will be able to continue my education. I really appreciate because I am being sent home to go find bring school fees and personal items. If I get assistance I will be glad and will promise to help others in the future .
Thank you
Mary Nchoe

Cheruto Langat Daisy Form 1

I am a girl of age fourteen. I have two sisters and a brother and they are younger than me. They are both going to school.
My brother and sisters and I was born in a village called Sugutek, Keringet Location, Molo District.
My siblings and I went to Mwane primary school. When I was in class six in the year 2006 my mother got sick and unfortunately she died.
My siblings and I got taken by my mother’s sister called mary. From there we were taken by her children.
In the year 2008 I did my K.C.P.E by then my sisters mother got sick and unfortunately she dies. I never got a chance of joining form one because there was no one to pay my school fees.
I had to repeat so I repeated at Sogoo Township and did my K.C.P.E in the year 2009.
Again there was no money for my school fees but God came through a Mulot parish priest called Patrick Nkaai who offered to pay for me school fees.
My teachers and neighbors bought for me shopping to take to school.
I was welcomed though I did not have everything required for school.
The problem which I do normally encounter in school is that I sometimes back shopping to use.
I also enjoy school because I get adequate education and also because it is a place where holy place that is church is found hence giving me a holy life to live.
The importance of me being in school is to get education in order to achieve my career so as to earn myself a living in the future.
I would like to request is there is someone a good Samaritan who can help me in side of school fees, shopping and also uniform I think and hope that my dreams will come through.
I promise to work hard, achieve my goal so as to help my sibilings and other needy in the society as I am being helped.
I will be glad to hear good respond. Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Cheruto Langat Daisy

Duncan Bosire form 1

Hi, I’m a boy of age 15 years old. I have two brothers and three sisters who are younger than me. Both of them are no longer in school because of lack of school fees. Im the only one at home whi is in school.
My parent died a few years ago –(1st April 2004)- they were involved in a road accident while going to visit my grandmother who was at that time very sick. They were admitted to a national hospital but unfortunately they passed away.
They left us alone, I as the eldest son, my siblings were now at my hands. I dropped out of school in order to take care of my siblings. Some villagers helped us with some food, clothing and even paying house rent. Although this was for a short period.
We lived a hard life, we hardly had enough to eat and even to put on. I started working in a tea plantation in order to get something to eat with my brothers and sisters.
My brother, also died three months after the death of my parents. This was agter he had only suffered for three works.
Our grandmother took us to her home. We lived there for only a few years then our aunt decided to help us because grandmother was unable to look after us proper due to her old age.
One day, I met a certain teacher and told me to go back to school because I am still young. I agreed because I knew there is no way I will succeed and bring up my siblings without education. But the problem was, “who will pay for me school fees and provide other facilities which I needed in school?”
I talked to my aunt but she refused. I left that day her house and went to grandma’s house. I told her that I wanted to go to school. She agreed and even took me to school.
I worked hard and did well on all my examination. The teachers liked me because of my discipline.
I did my Kenya National Exam in the year 2008. I was supposed to join a secondary school but I did not get school fees.
I talked to out priest who really offered to help me continue with my education. I repeated grade eight and did my national exam in the year 2009. I did very well. This year, 2010, I join a secondary school and I’m so thankful for his help.
I have seen many changes in my life since I joined this secondary school. My life has completely change and I would like to continue with this education. If I would get any assistance to enable me continue with school, I would really appreciate because sometimes you find I’m being sent to go bring school fees while others are in school, sometimes being sent to go and bring personal items books, school shoes and other things but I rarely get.
Please, if I get any assistance I will be very happy and I promise to work hard so that I may also help other in future.
Thank you
Duncan Bosire

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