Saturday, August 27, 2011

Round Two

Okay, here we go again.

I’ve decided it’s about time that I restart writing the blog. I know I’ve been slacking for awhile, but the past six months have been really tough on me, so I thought it’s be better for all of us if I took I went offline for a little. I do have a journal written of my first semester at college in Nairobi but I don’t know if I will post that yet, if I do I can promise it will be gruesome.

So here is a quick overview of what happened at USIU that had be go off the grid so suddenly

1) Wilson and I broke up- a few times. This often resulted in him threatening to kill himself or hurt someone
2) It turns out the mean girl phenomena is not only alive and well in college but alive and well in Africa. A group of girls took it upon themselves to ostracize and be bitches.
3) I was assaulted by a guy I thought I was friends with so I reported it to the school which causes a whole mess of issues.
4) I was hit by a car
5) I had to have my appendix taken out at a Kenyan hospital that had kittens running around it.
6) I got punched in the face on my last birthday
7) Other miscellaneous that I forget at the moment

So that was my first semester at school.

So I came home for the summer, had a good cry and a stiff drink with some friends, pulled up my big girl pants and am now preparing to return to the scene of the crime.

The problem is my big girl pants are chafing me.

I am no longer as wide eyed and excited as I was when I lived on the mission. In fact I’m actually quite afraid.

Since we’ve been on hiatus things have changed. For one there is a terrible drought going on in eastern Africa which has caused food prices to raise over 300%. This has definitely made it harder for the charity to run as much of the money we’ve sent has had to be spent of food rather then continuing the water project. It’s been expensive to keep these kids in school as well try and keep the project going, and with the economy still in this dip it’s hard to get people to give. I feel a little bit desperate for ideas on how to raise money.

On the other hand we have finally succeeded in putting the pump and the generator in, so clean water is now accessible in Mulot but people just keep asking for more and sometimes it feels like I’m drowning.

SPBP has finally made contact with Kenyan community here in Chicago and it looks like were going to underwrite a reception dinner for the Kenyan marathon runner coming to Chicago in November but I feel like we’re slightly at odds with some of the dinner planners so I’m scared we’re going to lose money on it, rather then make any donations.

I guess my fear comes down to the most basic human fear of failing. I don’t want to lose the project, I don’t want to make any (more) enemies, and I don’t want to fall short.

I suppose we’ll just have to see.

On the other hand I’m not scared for school as I have two secret weapons.

One is Bell Evans, SPBP’s new deputy director who will be enrolling at USIU with me this sem. She is one of the most beautiful, intelligent driven people on earth and a best friend to boot. With her at the school I cannot imagine another catastrophic semester.

The second has to do with a very kind compliment my dear friend and the great, yet under appreciated, philosopher sage BitxBit gave me. She said to me-

“Aliya, it’s so you just to go back to a place and fucking own it””

Which is true, although I might not end up leading the school by any means- I can’t imagine I’d be that driven- I do have a stubborn streak in me along with a contrarian personality. I will not allow myself to be beaten.

So my goals for this new semester are as such.

1) I will return to the positive place Kenya took me to when I first arrived and not let disasters large or small get in the way
2) I will, with the help of bell, bring the charity to a whole new level and raise another $10,000 this year
3) I will keep the physical fighting and disasters to a minimum

And most of all I will not lose contact with you all again. I will bring the blog back to its original place that not only helped me keep connected with home but kept me in an honest place centered in the now. I will document every scrap, every victory, I will be disgusting and honest and raw. I will let you all back into myself, and I will most defiantly not change any names. If I mentioned you in a poor context, you had no innocence to be protected. (Insert evil chortle)

Wish me luck boys and girls for I am returning to the lions den.

Kenya motherfucking believe it?


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