Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Swahili is Crazy


I am officially going to Kenya. And I am officialy going to be living in the bush.

For those of you who don't know the bush is the part of kenya we associate with the Lion King. I will be living out in Maasai country, Maasai being the indigenous nomadic people of Kenya, and working with a catholic organization to improve social welfare of children and women particularly but of all Maasai people. I will be living with a Maasai family so hopefully they don't need to move well I'm there.

So far to get ready for Kenya I have gotten my Hep A and B shots, Aquired my Malaria and Typhoid pills and an antibiotic called Cipro that is basically a body reboot taht somehow stops DNA from rewinding. My doctor told me not to take it. That makes me slightly nervous.

So here is what I know about Kenya thus far

It's HUGE and mostly dry
They are currently rewriting their constitution
The Maasai mainly live off of a diet of cows blood mixed with milk ( Nutritious and Delicious)
The Maasai male can be circumcised as old as 22
To offer a Maasai Male food is to embarras him
It has the most car accidents in the world (which is weird as most people use public transit)
People cover everything in Doilies
I should wear boots.

I guess I should throw out my heels?

I am also trying to teach myself Swahili and if any one reading this is interested let me tell you that it is harder than you think. The pronunciation is completly alien. Here are a few words

Ndege- Dog
Paka- Cat

I know more complex words but i'm not sure how to spell them. The grammar also makes no sense thus far.

I am 18 year old girl going to a border line 3rd worl d country by myself. I have never lived on my own before and the longest I have ever been away from home is 3 weeks.

Please excuse me well I throw up in Terror.

Updates will follow.

I already miss everyone

So I am an 18 year old girl going to a differant continent by myself.

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