Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Where We Were Born

Today is exactly 60 days until I hit the ground running in Kenya. And do you know what I just realized?

where the fuck it is that I am going.

I am going to where we as a species stood up for the first time. To the place where fire was invented. To the very first place someone spoke the very first word.

We are the continuation of an unbroken history of evolution that boggles the mind. One forgets how far we've come.

It has only just dawned on me that I will walk where the first steps were ever taken.

I may be overly sentimental at these thoughts but doesn't it make you just want to revel in your ability to walk? To run?

I think about seeing the children in Kenya and I wonder if the know that they live in the dawn of an awesome history. How can I possibly teach them English when I will just want to run my hands through the dirt and cry out


Because truly is there anything more inspiring than that?

I wish everyone could come with me just to feel this feeling. Maybe it's because I'm historically inclined but it makes me feel taller and stronger to know that there is a physical manifestation of our history and that I will be able to see it. Am I making any sense?

The thought of looking over the rift valley and picturing what we were before, when we were mere whispers possibility makes me want to cry. It makes me feel like the opposite of small. As if I'm, we're, the epitome of history. All of us right now are what the world has worked this billion years towards and I sit in a state of gratitude for this.

I hope everyone can at one point feel strength the way I feel now.

I would just like to say that I love you all for reading this because I respect the opinion of everyone of my friends or acquaintances (particularly David as I've always admired your writing so the fact you read my blog makes me feel like I might not just be rambling here) and I already want all of you to come see me in Kenya.

Be proud boys and girls, for we are man.

On a less sentimental note I really do have to go shopping. I need my gps locator, my steri straw, my crazy geo boots, a whole new conservative wardrobe, and lots and lots of socks.

I'll update more soon.

BTW I found out my village is so small Google earth can't find it.


  1. I know what you mean, and I hope that someday I can see it for myself :) but when that day will come, if it ever does, I don't know

    if anyone wants to fund my ticket, I'm free in June >_>

  2. You make me smile.
    You'll gain some invaluable experience, I'm sure. It's so important to see how other folks live. I have to be around fancy ladies whose only concern is where to have lunch. It's very important, what you are doing.

    You are becoming a citizen of the world :)