Sunday, March 21, 2010


Allright guys so we are down to 43 days until I am on the ground in Kenya. So i've started thinking about how i'm going to connect to the kids (please feel free to comment ideas) and how I'm going to teach them. I feel like I won't have a problem connectin gto the msichana (swahili) but I wonder how I can get them to respect me.

I'm terrified for the child who is going to ask why do I need to learn this? Particularly if we ever discuss books thematicaly. Because honestly how often do we need to disect writing in our everyday life? How do I teach it as a practical skill?

The truth is being able to dissect writing is probably one of the most important and practical things we can learn as at it's core is communication- and what could possibly matter more? How do I explain to thwem that by learning whatever it is I'm trying to teach they make a connection to a world outside themselves and learn how to use the most powerful tool ever invented. Language.

I can barly stand the responsibility that will be placed on me as someone who holds the power of language. It creates everything; without we have no emotions, no relationships, no reality. It would be impossible for us to function as a species the way we do if it were not for language, and I am expected to pass that on somehow? How can anyone be in charge of something so awesome?

Jesus I'm terrified.

54 more days boys and girls.

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  1. I think explaining why learning about language and communication is important, in general, is pretty standard. You don't need to drop philosophical bombs on them. If it were me and someone asked why, I'd, I dunno, make them play a game in which only one person knew the rules, but couldn't speak, and neither could anyone else. And they had to figure it out. And afterward explain to them that communicating, and doing it well, is very important for their relationships with each other, and society in general. I know my way is like, duh obvious, but I don't know. I wouldn't make it too complicated. Hell, I'd even cut out the game and just explain it to them plainly. You'll be ok :)
    As far as respect goes, they just need to know you care, really care about helping them learn. I would also go out of my way to learn from them as well. I mean, would you respect someone who came into your home and told you to do things a certain way, without ever asking how they do it, or bothering explaining why YOUR way is better? :)