Thursday, April 29, 2010

The loss of Music

OK guys so I am still in London and will not leave until Tuesday so we can stop playing a live “Where’s Waldo”

So can I just say I love London, because I really do.

Besides all the amazing historical things there are here, you know the tower the bridge ect, there are some randomn but equally fascinating places to go here. For example today when I was getting the feeling that I was hopelessly lost I cam across “The Clink” which is apparently englands oldest prison and is also the reason we know jails as clinks nowadays. So I spent an afternoon looking at thumbscrews, what a great city.

But besides that the people here are just so polite it borders on mania, particularly if your being hit on which is a nice break from “hey baby” or the infamous “juicy”. In fact one of the last guys to hit on me gave be 3 pounds of my leg of lamb.

It has been ,onlier then I thought it would be though. It’s hard to travel alone. I know that I’m extremely lucky to be in London and to be traveling but it’s hard to be alone all the time when I’m used to constantly being surrounded by the people I love. I particularly miss texting. Even though I have a phone that can text the times are so off that it’s hard to reach anyone that has a real life, which is all of you, and leaves me the most alone I’ve ever been.

Luckily I have my ipod to be my friend and create a soundtrack for my travels, but even that feels slightly off. Almost none of my music has the right feel for what I’m going through right now. Except Tom Petty, because he is after all the only man who will ever understand. It’s strange, it’s as if this music I used to be so connected to has become like old photos or yearbooks, something I hold very dear but is no longer very….current? I’m not sure. It just gives me the feeling that a chapter of my life is ending and a new completely empty one is looming over me.

It’s like I’m listening to the old me fade away and am emptying myself. It’s just strange because there is no immediate filler.

The possibilities are beyond endless, they are practically paralyzing. Sometimes I’m so scared and awestruck and excited and just filled with an ecstasy that I get to feel this and suddenly relish in my ability to live. Or I cry.

Anyway hugs and kisses my darlings I love and miss you all more then you can imagine

Love Aliya

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  1. awww baby dont be lonely! you are getting hit on have fun!

    its so funny seeing our inside jokes in a super legit blog here....

    ps. FIESTY