Saturday, May 1, 2010

Oh me? I'm just in London with some beautiful men.

There is nothing quite like being in another country to make you want to call anyone who has ever been mean to you and say “oh me? I’m just in Europe having some drinks and dancing with beautiful men”

I have decided I could quite happily live in London and embrace a life of self-indulgence here. Fuck Africa.

Well of course I am kidding and will most defiantly go to Kenya and follow through with that plan I am honestly thinking that I would like to move here and thus all of you should come over.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m in foreign city or because I am leaving or because I am striking out on my own but I find myself completely uninhibited, pause here to question what my inhibitions possibly could have been at home, but in a way it has made me much kinder. It’s like at home everyone had this idea that I would kick their ass, which I would, and I acted accordingly but here everyone assumes I’m just as sweet as the American girls on TV and so I get to be that way.

That is probably why this Iranian guy here on, whatsit Amnesty? Jesus I am so tired I can’t remember a thing. Anyway he wrote me a poem last night at the Latin club we were at.

I had some deeper profound meaning I was trying to get across here but fuck it I’m going to bed.

Love Love Love and kisses

PS don’t think I don’t miss home, I cried yesterday well buying a pair of pants because I miss you all so much.

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