Friday, May 7, 2010

SIck as a dog

Dirty has reached a whole new level here. If I ever here anyone bitch about a public rest room again I will slap them.

I was told by the NGO that the mission would have running water. Apparently not. Father Patrick has promised many times that the water will be running in a few hours, but I have seen now progress. Until then it’s all about a hole in the ground and brought over river water. I want to upload pictures of the “bathrooms” but I think the images might be too graphic. Even if that water gets up and running we still have to take basin shower¬s, essentially meaning splash some water on yourself, rub yourself with some soap and then ¬¬e remaining water over your head.

On the plus side I have a toothbrush so I guess I’m doing pretty well.

You’ll have to excuse my unhappy tone but I feel like I’m dying right now due to a mix of altitude sickness, adapting to the water and general wanting to go home.

There have been some great times here though and some times those in the moment was terrible but are already funny.¬¬

And example being how I immediately got my period upon arrival here and accidently peed with my tampon in and being not quite ready to use the bathrooms pulled it out and threw it into a bush.

Also Madame Grace won’t let me leave a table without finishing everything on my plate and me having to literally hide some in a napkin to throw into the garden.

Also the kids have been great now that I’ve finally met them. They always want to touch me or pull at me, particularly my hair. Yesterday about 6 girls braided my hair well the boys figured out my phone could take pictures and ran around the church snapping photos. The kids all tried to teach me the church dances and afterwards I tried to teach them the cupid shuffle but my ipod was too much of amazement for them to keep it on one song. Kenyan kids, by the way, LOVE Sean Paul. So that was cute.

All the kids are asking me if they can get scholarships to get to America, I’m overwhelmed with a want to help them all.

That can be the problem here everybody wants something from you or needs something from you or just generally wants to be in your space and stare at you and touch your things. Sometimes it makes me want to scream. Just like any more tea or oongali will make me scream.

Oh yeah food? Here it is.

Peanut butter sandwiches
Carrots and lettuce.
Oongali. If you would like to try some oongali go home, boil some water and mix flour until it is a paste. Then stir it and fold it until it is a ball with the consistency of a brick. CONGRATULATIONS you know have a Kenyan lunch and dinner.

Also I went to church this morning. It probably would have gone better if I hadn’t accidently sat in the choir section and even a fraction of it had been in English. I crossed myself backwards.

I have no idea what I am doing out here.

Love you and miss you and love you and want to come home and see you all,

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  1. Graphic or not, pictures are demanded! Remember, if no one learns about it, it doesn't exist
    so give it consciousness <3