Monday, May 3, 2010


Hey guys

So by now most of you heard the story of my near disaster a few nights ago but if not here is a breif synopsis.

I accidently got off at the wrong tube stop around 11:30 and after wandering around for a bit I found two nice looking british boys and asked them where the nearest station was. They told me that that was where they were going and we could walk together so quite trustingly I followed them. After about 10 minutes into the walk I noticed the guys arguing with eachother quietly and flipping a coin. This was not a good sign. I finally asked them, as they were about to turn down an alley, where the stop was and they informed me it was too late and the tubes had closed and my only choice was to stay at their flat. CLEARLY not ok. After the the one that seemed to be about to be belligerantly drunk eyed me like a piece of meat I agreed to stay with them but I had to call my cousin first. SO after they turned around I literally ran away and high tailed it out of there. This time I wasx smart enough to ask couples where things were but by the time I got to the tubes they were closed. So fuck me.

So I figured I would catch a cab but this is much harder then you'd think here as the cabs here are more difficult to distinguish from the regular cars and apparently there is an epidemic of people posing as cabs and robbing and assulting people, so after another five minutes and what was the begining of a full blown terror attack I asked people to help me get a cab, which they very nicely did, and ended up home safe.

Wierdly I am proud of my new found ability to trust my instincts in these situations because many of you know that just a year ago I probably would have just followed the boys home.

It feels strange to be proud of myself to be mature enough to get myself out of what was clearly a sketchy situation but I do and it has made me more confident in my abilities to keep myself safe in Kenya.

I think though that alot of people, girl in particular, have to reach this stage in life. For some reason trusting out insitincts is something we are told not to do well we grow up- you know don't judge a book by it's cover, judgement bad etc.- and we have to have a few nasty expierences to learn how to keep ourselves out of trouble. have been pondering this for awhile.

In other news I have seriously decided to move to London. I love this city and have loved most of the people and never ever want to leave, but we will have to see how that goes.

Love love

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  1. it'd be very awesome to have a friend in England when I move there :D hehe we'd visit all the time!