Sunday, May 16, 2010

So, You Want to Take a Shower?

Hey guys I know it’s been awhile and I’m sorry I’ve just been busy and electricity here is iffy so I’m afraid everyone will have to adapt.

Anyway here is Kenya the phrase “running water” is what we in the USA know as “a lie” so I thought I would tell you how to take a shower.

First heat a bucket of water you got from the nearby water source. Try to make sure it is filtered and clean but you can’t be too picky. Now there are two ways you can heat the water. Either use your nearby gas burner that you also use to heat your food and heat it one bowl at a time and use lukewarm water or tempt electrocution and stick an electric heater into your water and let it heat for, say, 20 minutes.

So during this time go have a smoke and read a bible verse or something. Don’t worry about time, your in a LDC you have nothing but time. You might as well change into your PJs now though. This will be explained later. Also gather your soap.

Ok so now you have heated the water. It’s time to move a bit quicker. Take your water, soap, towel, a wash clothe, and walk across the place you are living and go to the “bathrooms”.

Ok so now get naked. Try to hang your clothes and your towel somewhere you can keep it dry, but again you don’t have a chance to be super picky. Try for the least damp place.

Dip your wash clothe into the water. I hope that you heated the water to near boiling, that way it will stay warmer longer.

Use the clothe to moisten your skin. Then dip the wash clothe in the water and wring it out over your head to get your hair wet. The point right now is to use as little water as possible so you can save it for later.

Allright so now you can shampoo your hair and brush it well it is wet to get the tangles out. Do not be alarmed to find sticks or bugs in your hair. That’s just from when you tumbled down the mountain or from when you tripped running away from some crazy dogs.

Ok so now you have two choices. Either wring out the clothe over your head again to get rid of the shampoo or, if you are feeling lucky, try to pour a bit over your head. I usually wring it out.

Now you can condition your hair. You want to leave the conditioner in as long as possible because by now it has the texture of straw.

Also rub yourself with soap now. DO NOT PUT IT ON THE WASH CLOTHE! If you do the next time you dunk the clothe it will get the rest of the water soapy and you won’t have clean water to rinse yourself with.

Also if you are still choosing to go ahead and shave your legs right now. Why not? Might as well.

Make sure you have all the tangles out of your hair.

Ok now here is the best part- pour some of the water over yourself. It will feel wonderfully like a shower. Don’t make the rookie mistake of doing it all at once though. You might want to pour it over yourself a few times.

Now use your semi-damp towel to dry yourself off and get dressed. Wring your hair out and then put in a towel. You do not want wet hair around here, particularly at night.
Now you can put all your things into your empty bucket and carry them back to your room. Then take of your clothes and put on lotion because your skin is probably drying out. Enjoy the short time you had naked.

Obviously you can change your routine for what works for you, but this seems to be the best.

God I miss home.

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