Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kenya Motherfucking Believe It?

Well guys here we are. Finally in Kenya. Just barely though.

The cab driver dropped me off at Hitler's Beige Maze (heathrow) but sadly at the wrong teminal. So of course I had to run dragging my 70 lbs of luggage only to get to my gate and find that my plane was late. A half hour to be exact. Could someone tell me how the fuck a plane can leave late at 6 am? What are there just too many pople trying to leave London at six in the morning?

Anyway that of course made me late for my flight to nairobi as after walking a 1/4 mile to get to the SECOND (wtf?) security check I had to take a train and walk another mile to get to my flight where i practically had to jump onto the moving vehicle. But whatever I made it.

Once in Nairobi I got to stay in my super deluxe room where for some reason the shower wouldn't stop runnning.

Nairobi is kind of everything you expect an african city to be but with more people in winter coats. Why? Well because it's only 70 degrees out. duh. Any story about Nairobi is tedious, allI can really say is that driving in it gave me a series of heart attacks. The rules of the road here are more like suggestions like "wouldn't it be nice if all drove on the right side of the road?" or "hey guys how about going less then 110mph?" In order to avoid death by shock I slept mostly through the journey. But when I woke up...I was in Africa.

It is so green here I can't imagine the gardenof eden being any differant. Lush, fresh, alive, whatever word you choose won't even come near describing this beauty. And no word you know can truly describe the poverty seen here. I only thought I knew what sad looked like until I reached mulot market. The people there looked beyond starving, the donkey's are more well fed. Except for the woman who offered me a dead chicken...she looked ok.

Before you read any further please go kiss the nearest paved road because you have no idea what a blessing that is. Even in just the five minute ride from mulot to the mission I felt ill.

The mission is beautiful and full of kids. They have something like 400? Alot of the kids don't accutalltypay to go to school but they are so bright that Father patrick makes ends meet.

The kids are shy but sweet. When I went to shake one girls hand next thing I knew I had 25 girls all grabbing at my arms screaming "HI" so I guess I'm welcome here.

I wish I had words to desribe the beauty but they don't exist.

But I do have words to describe the need for money here. WE NEED MORE MONEY. THE MISSION IS RUNNING LOW, WE DON'T HAVE ENOUGH CLASSROOMS AND WE NEED A GRRENHOUSE. Please send some.

I love loveity love you all and can't wait to come home.


  1. Do not listen to the men on the side of the road trying to get you to go on safari with them.

  2. Goddamn those airports >_< what an absurd mess
    glad you made it!